You are enough.

I’m going to say something, and you’re going to hear it, and maybe even believe it, or maybe not. It might help things a bit, and it might not help things right now. But hear it, and hear it with a voice of love, because that’s the voice that got me up off my pillow to say this just now.

What you brought to your practice today was enough. You are enough. There isn’t a gap between what you should have brought today and what you brought. What you brought was what you had.

Do you wish that you had more? Okay, it’s fine to wish for that. It’s fine to want that. It’s fine to notice what you can do to bring that about. It’s fine to try to bring that about. Really, that’s what practice is. But what you brought today? That was enough. And it was a privilege to have you in the world with us today, bringing what you brought. Thank you for bringing it.

Ted Lemon3 Comments