Weekly meditation meetup

I run a weekly meditation meetup on Saturday mornings, currently at 10am Eastern U.S. time.  This is not a class—it's more of a debugging session.  It tends to be a pretty small group; I moderate, people talk about how their practice is going, and together we try to figure out how to help each person to make progress.

If you want to participate, please sign up for weekly announcements which include a Zoom invite.   Zoom is an online video chat application, so that we can see each other while we discuss.   There is no pressure to turn on your camera, but it can help me to understand where you are coming from if I can see your body language, particularly as it changes over time if you attend regularly.   There is also no pressure to attend regularly, so if you want to drop in once every two months (or just once a year!), please feel free to do so.


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